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L3: Love-Learn-Live

We are an international team working with Athens Birthday Project, an NGO in Greece.  Our team represents 4 nationalities and comes together from Greece, India, and the US.  We respect each individual, their culture, and their country.  We believe that education is powerful. Education is a catalyst for generational change and ending poverty. 

We exist to empower refugees to build a life in Greece.  We desire to show love through building relationships and walking alongside those who are courageously creating a new life in a new land.  We serve through providing quality English language lessons and student-led community wellness learning units.  We seek to restore dignity, hope, and freedom through language acquisition.

My name is Carmen Maha Farah

My family immigrated to Canada when I was 16 years old. I’m of Palestinian heritage with very strong roots, at the same time a proud Canadian who appreciates the Canadian culture and way of life. I can certainly relate to issues that may arise when people immigrate from their country of origin, whether by choice or due to having no other alternative. From my experience, it is always good to remember that assimilating into a new culture does not mean forgetting our own culture and old values, on the contrary it only enhances who we are going forward. I’m happy to assist in any way you find helpful!

My name is Linda Majors

As someone who has spent the last 15 years in London working on the welfare of the homeless, and refugees and asylum seekers, I came to Greece in 2016 to try and help in the refugee crisis in Athens, where I met Tessa. I was enormously impressed by her commitment and dedication and very proud of what she and her colleagues have achieved in starting this NGO

Although my part in it is very small, it is very gratifying to see what they are doing, and the lives they are changing daily, with such limited means.

An English Language teacher – profile unnamed

It’s a good gig – sharing my love of words and helping to add or polish a language skill for another. Languages open another world and another door for us all. I have taught English to native speakers, second-language speakers, and to others who need to or want to add English to their kit of survival skills. The joy is that I am able to continue to use and impart what I have learned from teaching experience and knowledge of the craft. The rewards include learning from those I teach.

Initially, I was anxious about teaching online to a group. After being a student myself for two months using Zoom I felt able to try. ABP supports the teachers very well guiding us step by step as we negotiate Zoom. Their support has also been invaluable as they host regular teacher meetings when we can discuss methodologies, exchange ideas, and share concerns.

Those who attend classes come willingly. They are enthusiastic and determined to learn. The wide range of abilities can sometimes feel daunting and can be difficult to manage but I am always buoyed by the interest and resolve. They make time to attend classes. They are not always well-resourced. They attend nonetheless and try, and try and try. To feel I have been of some help, from the comfort of my space and life, is humbling.

Optional information – I am 62 with teaching experience in Britain, Singapore, Malaysia, and now Greece. I have taught English as a mother tongue, a first language, a second language, and as an additional language. Students have ranged from ages 12 to 60, from those in school to university undergraduates to professionals and to adult learners. My professional experience also includes teacher training and curriculum development.


My name is Arianna and I’m from Italy

Hello everyone,

my name is Arianna and I’m from Italy. I study anthropology in Rome but I’m in Athens for my internship. I teach Greek to refugees because I really want to help them integrate into western society and at the same time I see this job as an exchange of culture and opinions. I’ve been learning Persian for two years and a half and being in touch with Farsi speakers is something that I extremely appreciate.

I hope that my presence at ABP will be helpful and that my students will learn a lot. Language is a bridge between cultures but we are the ones who should build that bridge using patience, respect, and determination!

English Teacher for the Athens Birthday Project

I am very happy to be a teacher of English for the Athens Birthday Project and enjoy helping my students improve their ability to speak and understand English.  I have been working as a language teacher for over 40 years, teaching in Greece, the United States, and Mexico.  As a result of studying over 10 languages during my life, both inside classrooms and on my own,  I know many of the difficulties that students face when trying to learn a new language. My own experience in learning a new language helps me to explain better when teaching English to my students.

An experienced Educator

I am an experienced educator, having worked with both kids and adults, teaching the Greek language, ancient and modern. I am volunteering with Athens Birthday Project because I firmly believe that the integration of people of other countries and cultures comes through education and most of all through the comprehension of the language. Since I am a teacher I don’t know of any other way to help people adapt and have a better life in my country.

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