Become a Volunteer


If you are over 18 years old, and if you interested in our projects, you are very welcome to help!

Your potential tasks for the Project Birthday Celebrations could be:

  • Getting in touch with the refugee families to organize a date for the celebration
  • Correspondence with potential donors of toys, birthday decorations, and cakes/or cake supplies
  • Making birthday cakes on your own
  • Visiting refugee families, decorate their location, bring a cake and toys, sing birthday songs and socialize with the families

Your potential tasks for the Project Radio Younan could be:

  • Check the Greek newspapers online (they are also available in English)

For the general Integration Projects (workshops) you could offer your own contribution like:

  • Teaching how to use social media, writing e-mails
  • Teaching how to write a CV
  • Introducing them to Greek culture (like visiting museums, baking and cooking Greek food, make the 1st of Mayflower ring, etc.)

Your potential tasks for the project Elderly People could be:

  • Organization of birthday parties (similar to the refugee celebrations)
  • Going to the supermarket, pharmacy
  • Accompany them to doctors, hospitals
  • Giving daily phone calls and ask about their well being
  • Reading out books
  • Socializing
  • Teaching them how to write e-mails, how to use social media