Radio Younan

Radio Younan

This is a project that we started during the lock-down period in March 2020, as we weren’t able to carry on with our birthday celebrations, and wanted to reach out to Farsi-speaking people safely who weren’t able to follow the Greek or English news. We informed them about the new regulations concerning the Covid-19 restrictions as well as other Greek news updates. This podcast has now become a part of our organization. It is not only a news update but also an opportunity for listeners to offer their contributions.

There is e.g. an Iranian DJ offering his music program, as well as authors reading from their books, or singers performing through video. Radio Younan helps in this way to motivate listeners, to start as well as a new life in Greece, to integrate them into Greece through the updates about news, laws and customs and last but not least to blend the different refugee cultures.

Gole Song

by Alegro Group

These two musicians are the Alegro Group who are playing mainly traditional Iranian music. They wanted to publish this famous song on our podcast in order to introduce themselves to a larger audience. And of course to entertain and give hope to their listeners.

Announcement for Make up Workshop

With our podcast Radio Younan we reach out to all our followers and in this way, we are able to announce all kinds of workshops and projects which are going on, and anybody who is interested can take part.

Poetry Reading

Titi is from Iran where she was a famous writer. She wanted to read out her poems on our podcast in order to give hope to all the uprooted people who stranded in Greece.

Greek News

This part of Radio Younan is essential to the Farsi-speaking community in Greece. They get updated on the asylum procedure, and they also get informed about the daily Greek news. In this way, they are able to understand new regulations and laws better and can adjust more easily to their new society and its culture.

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